Sand Point


Remodel 1940s Home

The owners of this 1940′s rambler wanted to take a cramped, dark home and make it larger, more functional, and eco-friendly. In addition to making the home more convenient, spacious and light-filled, the remodel also incorporated many unique custom features. Striking fir trim paneling spans from the porch overhang outside through to the entry and main living area. The kitchen has a freestanding magnetic chalkboard wall to help the busy family keep track of activities. The client also chose such environmental options as low volume toilets, indoor lights on motion sensors and radiant floor heat. In addition, they opted for natural and sustainable materials throughout such as reclaimed eucalyptus flooring, Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified windows, and American Clay natural earth plaster around the fireplace. The overall result is a refreshingly bright, efficient and simplistically chic home.


Coates Design Architects